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25 Photos of Dorset that will Make You Book a Trip!

view of durdle door beach from the top of the cliff at sunset, there is a rock arch to the left and a curved shingle beach below the the cliffs and the sun setting over the sea taken on the walk from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door.

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drone shot of a headland topped with grass with white cliffs and a thin white line of chalk rock and rock stacks stretching out into the bright blue sea on the isle of purbeck in dorset with the coastline in the background

Looking for your next UK holiday destination? If you’re thinking of holidaying more locally this year, I’m here to tell you that Dorset should be top of your wish list.

Don’t believe me? Maybe these stunning photos of Dorset will change your mind!

Dorset really has it all. Gorgeous countryside, cute little seaside towns and historic villages, crumbling ruined castles, nature reserves teeming with bird- and wildlife… and one of the most spectacular coastlines in the whole country!

There’s a reason the Jurassic Coast is so famous. This stretch of the southwest coast is steeped in history, rich in fossils, and absolutely stunning.

From dramatic coastal scenery to tranquil country landscapes, there is simply so much to explore. Hopefully, the following photos inspire you to start looking at Dorset for your next trip.

And if they do – the Dorset Travel Guide is packed with posts to help you plan – and find the best things to do in Dorset. I’ve listed a few of the best articles at the end of this post, or you can use the search box to find what you’re looking for.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions too! I’m a born-and-raised Dorset local, based in our county town, so I’m always happy to help out with local recommendations and tips.

25 Stunning Photos of Dorset

These photos of Dorset were purchased from stock image websites.

1. Durdle Door

view of durdle door beach from the top of the cliff at sunset, there is a rock arch to the left and a curved shingle beach below the the cliffs and the sun setting over the sea taken on the walk from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door.

2. Old Harry Rocks, Isle of Purbeck

Arial shot of Old Harry Rocks on the Isle of Purbeck, a small peninsula of land covered in grassy fields with white chalk cliffs around the edge and a series of tall white rock stacks leading out into the blue sea

3. Gold Hill, Shaftesbury (one of the nicest towns in Dorset)

looking down a hill with grey flagstone road lined with small cottages with slate tiled or thatched roofs on the left and a brown stone wall on the right with green countryside visible in the distance - gold hill in Shaftesbury Dorset England

4. Colmer’s Hill, Bridport

Landscape with a cone shaped grassy hill with a small patch of tall trees on the top surrounded by green countryside and farmland near sunset with pink and gold in the sky - Colmer's Hill near Bridport

5. Weymouth Harbour

Seagull on a wooden ledge at the edge of weymouth harbour wall with turquoise water behind and a row of terraced houses on the far side of the harbour all painted in different bright colours. 25 Photos of Dorset

6. Lyme Regis

View of Lyme Regis Harbour looking back at the town from the harbour wall with a purple and pink sunset sky above and the harbour filled with small sailing boats. Photos of Dorset.

7. Cranborne Chase

Thick patch of bluebells growing in front of a woodland with bare trees on 
a sunny spring day with blue sky at Cranborne Chase in Dorset

(find out where to see more of these stunning Dorset bluebells in this post)

8. West Bay

orange sand and shingle curved beach with very high orange cliffs in the background covered with grass, at West Bay near Bridport Dorset

9. Bournemouth Beach

looking fown from high up at a large white sand beach n a very sunny day. a line of small bech huts in different colours lines the esplanade along the beach. there is a person playing with a dog on the waves in the distance.

10. Corfe Castle

Ruins of a grey stone castle at the top of a grassy hill surrounded by woodland on a sunny day with blue sky above - Corfe Caste near Swanage

11. Swanage Bay

Aerial shot of Swanage Bay on a sunny day with the headland stretching out into the blue sea on the far side of the bay. there are many small boats moored in the bay and a small town along the shore.

12. Brownsea Island

small island covered with dense woodland with some of the trees in autumn golden colours and a small wooden wildlife hide all perfectly reflected in the lake

13. Lulworth Castle

Exterior of Lulworth Castle in Dorset, a grey stone castle in a square shape with a round turret on all four corners, surrounded by a grassy lawn on a sunny day with blue sky above

14. Swanage Railway

Aerial view of a black steam train outside a small old fashioned station with yellow signal box on Swanage Railway, with green countryside all around and a small woodland around the railway.

15. Chapman’s Pool

View from a grassy clifftop of Chapman's Pool, a small round cove with a narrow shingle beach and tall grey cliffs, near Worth Matravers on the Jurassic Coast

16. Sandbanks, Poole

Aerial shot of Sandbanks peninsular between Poole and Bournemout, a small island with a leafy centre surrounded by a white sand beach, attached to the mainland by a thin strip of land with a long white sandy beach, all surrounded by bright blue sea

17. Fossils at Charmouth

A large grey stone with a large white ammonite fossil on the face of it sitting on a stoney beach with a low grey cliff close to Lyme Regis, the tide is out and the sea is only just visible in the distance.

18. Mudeford Sandbank

A row of beach huts painted alternatively yellow and blue with wooden picnic tables in front and a white sandy beach in front of that on a very sunny day with clear blue sky above - Mudeford Sandbank at Hengistbury Head in Christchurch Dorset England

19. Portland Bill

Portland Bill at sunset with white capped waves crashing against the low brown rocky cliffs and a small white and red lighthouse in the distance just before sunset with pink clouds in the blue sky

20. Fossil Forest, Lulworth

Looking down from a clifftop at Lulworth Fossil Forest, a series of grey circlular fossils on the grey rocks with the blue sea below.

21. Kimmeridge Bay

Rectangular rock stacks on the beach in Kimmeridge Bay around sunset with choppy sea beyond them and a low headland topped with a small round tower on the far side of the bay, with blue sky and a bright orange glow above the horizon

22. Deer at Arne

Two deer standing in a field of purple heather with trees behind at Arne Nature Reserve on the Isle of Purbeck, the larger deer is licking the smaller ones head

23. Bournemouth Pier

Shot of Bournemouth Pier at sunset with very calm sea at low tide reflecting the orange of the sunset and the pier silhouetted against the sky

24. Hardy Monument

small green tree in a field with a small stone tower in the distance against a blue sky - Hardy's Monument in dorset england

25. Dorset AONB

Aerial shot of a countryside landscape with many grassy fields and small patches of woodland in the Dorset AONB near sunset with the sun low in the sky and golden rays sweeping over the landscape - 25 Photos of Dorset

So there you have it… 25 of the most beautiful photos of Dorset I could find on the internet. It was hard to pick just 25 – there are so many gorgeous landscapes and landmarks in this county! But hopefully, these pictures have helped inspire you to book a holiday in Dorset soon.

This really is my favourite part of England. I was born and raised in Weymouth, and now call Dorchester home. I’ve spent my life exploring every corner of this glorious county – so I’m really passionate about sharing my favourite places and top tips with you through this blog.

I’ve also set up a Dorset Instagram account and a Facebook page. Follow those for lots more gorgeous pictures of Dorset, as well as plenty of inspiration and tips! And please don’t forget to share this page to help inspire others to visit Dorset soon…

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